Investigating the theory of "Ancient Astronauts" -a race of extra-terrestrials who allegedly came to Earth millennia ago and created the human race.

17th December 2010

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Stargates on Earth?

THE last few years has seen a lot of speculation regarding the existence of possible “stargates” around the planet. Most of the internet theories and conspiracy site information has been published by people with their own agendas at heart. People seeking attention utilising incredulous claims of alien transportation artefacts. Saying that, research has been on-going into unusual magnetic and electrical activities in a number of sites around the globe. 

First off we have the famous Bermuda Triangle in the Caribbean, and its lesser-known sister anomaly, The Dragon’s Triangle, near Japan. A number of researchers have discovered strange magnetic readings in the Bermuda Triangle. When combined with the numerous missing aircraft and ships, and the apparent effect the area has on some electronic equipment, there’s definitely a cause for further investigation. Some have claimed there is a submerged stargate on the ocean’s floor, and it may be that this gate is operating randomly, which may explain the unpredictable disappearance of many aircraft and ships. The area around the triangle has been host to a number of UFO sightings also, particularly claims of unidentified craft emerging from the sea. The concept of the triangle has been attributed, by a handful of researchers, as a possible mini black hole, with the corresponding “white hole” being in the Dragon’s Triangle. It would be interesting to search the area near Japan for downed aircraft and ships which didn’t originate in south-east Asia. It may be that the ships are pulled into the black hole on one side of the world, and re-appear on the other side, albeit under the sea. It is also possible that the suggested black and white holes are indeed stargates, operating as portals to other parts of the world. It could have been a network of incredibly fast travel between continents, and perhaps the stargates were originally on land but fell into disrepair thousands of years ago and somehow ended up on the bottom of the ocean. The Bimini Steps or Bimini Road, seemingly manmade structures found under the ocean, may originally have been the departure/arrivals dock to the Bermuda Stargate. There could be similar underwater structures near the other alleged stargates around the planet. The famous mythical Atlantis may have been a reality after all, albeit maybe not on Earth. Perhaps the land surrounding Bimini and the Bahamas may have been the site of the stargate which connected to Atlantis, which  could be another planet or moon. The information about the location of Atlantis may have been misconstrued throughout the ages, and when it was finally written about by Plato, the knowledge was garbled. Instead of it being an island west of the “Pillars of Hercules”, it was only the stargate to Atlantis that was on Earth. When sea levels rose millennia ago, the area surrounding the stargate could have been submerged and the gate lost. The mythical continent didn’t sink, but the access gate to it did.

Secondly, there is a supposed gate near Yemen, in the Gulf of Aden, according to some reports. There has been an apparent massive naval build-up in the area by many nations, and supposedly up to 300 warships have been stationed there since January of 2010. There has also been a lot of seismic activity in the area, with reports of many earthquakes of varying magnitude throughout the region. Could something have been located in the Gulf of Aden which is now under international guard? Perhaps the earthquake activity is from the gate activating or maybe it’s a side-effect of efforts to retrieve the gate from the sea floor. 

It is possible that the other theorised gates across the globe are positioned strategically to allow access to every ancient major area of human civilisation. Hypothetically, we have one located close to the Americas - Central America and North. Another near Yemen, serving east Africa and some of the Middle East. One near Japan, co-incidentally on the same longitude as the Bermuda Triangle, serving the Far East. There could be more, including a possible gate in modern-day Iraq. If there are gates in these locations, it could be assumed that there wouldn’t be a need for two gates in the Middle East. Possibly the Yemen gate was originally located in Egypt or what is now modern-day Iraq and later moved to the Gulf, maybe as a way to bury it. There are links to structures that have similar traits as stargates, particularly Enki’s palace. The Sumerian God Enki had a floating palace, the “Abzu”, in the city of Eridu, a bottomless pit which was known as “the deep”, or “abyss”. This was later built upon, and became the legendary Tower of Babel which was known as the “stairway to heaven”. Could the abyss be the portal through which the ancients travelled?

If these stargates still exist and are currently partially active, then what is powering them? Perhaps the electrical and magnetic interference in these “triangles” is caused by the power source for the gates. Could it be some type of nuclear reactor or zero-point energy device? Our ancient ancestors may have had encounters with this technology. I surmise that Sodom and Gommorah were destroyed by a blast from an exploding power device. It is possible that the power source was being moved to a new location, malfunctioned near these cities and exploded, creating a blast with the equivalent level of destruction as modern nuclear weapons. The power devices may have been venerated by states and rulers long after their function was forgotten. The reactors and the containers that housed them were looked upon as incarnations of God’s power. Wonders that could cause untold damage on those who opened the containers. Could the Ark of the Covenant be a power source of some kind that was originally linked to the stargate in the Middle East? Perhaps it was hidden in the dessert, far away from the gate, and later found by Moses and his followers. The Ark has been seen as an incredibly powerful device throughout history, and many have claimed ownership. I believe one of these power devices is buried at the bottom of the “Money Pit” on Oak Island. It may or may not be that actual Ark of the Covenant, but a very similar device.

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17th December 2010

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Pyramid Power!

ENIGMATIC, mysterious and astonishing feats of engineering - many popular ways of describing the massive constructions of ancient Egypt. People have wondered about their function and the engineering prowess of the builders for millennia. How did they build them and why?

Well the established mainstream archaeological response is that the pyramids are monumental burial chambers for the Pharaohs. They have been estimated at being built around 2,500 BC - 3,500 BC by skilled local labourers using very primitive copper tools. Many have questioned this standard theory, claiming its improbability based on the premise that we, in our current technological state, would have severe problems replicating the construction. How did masons/farmers from over 4,000 years ago manage to construct a building so precise using only a basic level, ropes and sledge, and copper hammers? Some of the blocks in the Great Pyramid at Giza are well over 10 tonnes- at least 8 family cars in weight! Imagine trying to move just 1 car, without its wheels - just a solid block, on a wooden sledge with only ropes. I’m not saying it’s impossible, afterall, humans are capable of amazing things, but it does sound implausible. Shifting just 1 tonne or so would take great manpower and organisation, but when you increase the load size to over 10 tonnes, the process seems highly unlikely.
So if we (ancient Egyptian labourers) didn’t build them, then who did? Well, many theories abound in the Ancient Alien community about extraterrestrial visitors imparting either their knowledge or technology. Some seem to think that the massive stone blocks were lifted into place using sonic/anti-gravity technology. Others propose a type of teleportation device. Both theories are plausible, but still leaves the question of “who” unanswered. Who exactly aided with the anti-gravity or sonic technology? The Anunnaki are supposed to have been long gone by the time the pyramids were built, but some sources believe the pyramids are actually much older than originally thought, perhaps even being constructed as far back as 10,500BC. With this in mind, it could be that the Anunnaki visitors had a hand in the creation of pyramids throughout the world.

Since so many unconnected civilisations around the globe built pyramidal structures, one has to wonder if they are connected in some way. Were they originally constructed to replicate similar architecture on the Anunnaki homeworld? Are they some sort of ancient factory? The English author and engineer, Christopher Dunn, believes they are power plants. His book  “The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt” describes an holistic energy device that is harmonically coupled with the Earth and its inhabitants. His provides some excellent theories as to how the Great Pyramid at Giza was used like a giant chemical mixing system, which created abundant energy. Unfortunately we don’t know what the energy was used for, but if we are to believe that the Anunnaki were the creators, then perhaps it had use in their activities in the region. Maybe the entire planet was eventually to be a free energy producing outlet for the visitors and that could explain the the various pyramid complexes dotted around the world. Another possible theory regards the use of hypothetical “stargates” used by visitors to this planet and beyond. The pyramids could have been the power plants needed to create the energy needed to run the gates. I will devote the next blog to the idea of stargates and their use.

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2nd December 2010

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Planet X

NIBIRU, also known as Planet X, has an apparent elliptical solar orbit of 3,600 years. According to followers of Sitchen and his Annunaki theory, it is due to pass through the solar system near Earth in 2012. If this is truly the case then Earth will face a major planetwide catastrophe. The gravitational pull of another planet passing so close to us would have detrimental effects on all life on Earth.

But the question is: Have we been experiencing such effects already as Nibiru gets closer? Well our weather patterns globally have altered drastically in the last few decades, with increased storm activity and earthquakes much more commonplace. We have also been told, time after time, about the dramatic effects of “global warming”. Is this really a method of covering up Nibiru’s gravitational pull and it’s consequences? What better way to throw the population off the scent than to blame our own actions for the inevitable climate change. There are those who believe that the Annunaki will want more than our gold deposits and may seek our other minerals and wealth, i.e. oil, gas and it’s many offshoots. Have the recent conflicts that were fought over oil been about the accumulation of offerings, and not about control of supply as thought? The nations with the wealth and minerals will be favoured by the returning gods. In reality, according to the theory, we are ALL slaves to the Annunaki, no matter what we have to offer.

The last decade or so has also seen the discovery of many extrasolar planets including Super-Earth like bodies. The timing of the publication of our discoveries could be seen to be a way of “softening up” of the global populace to the notion of other planetary bodies prior to Nibiru’s appearance. When Planet X arrives on the scene, it wouldn’t be such a shock for the majority of people.

Similarly with the relatively recent development of alien abduction and craft sightings. Most the this really began during the mid 1940s after the Roswell incident. We have almost become used to seeing the black oval eyes of the famous “greys” or the reptilian and insectoid creatures from various science fiction TV shows and movies. The timing of the alien “counterculture” again coincides with the other pieces of the Nibiru puzzle beginning to fall into place during the late 20th century. All of this information has been released only in the last 50 or so years, seemingly leading up to a big convergence in 2012. It is interesting to note that UFOs and alien creatures don’t seem to have much off a presence pre-1940. Throughout the ages, people have been vary of all manner of supernatural beings including giants, ogres, trolls, and dragons, but the “greys” and their counterparts have been conspicuous by their omition. Has the slow trickle of alien familiarity since WW2 been a way to get us to be numbed by the idea of a returning alien species?  Was it only after we gained the power of flight and ability to launch objects into space that we decided we were ready to believe in extraterrestrial beings?

The major stumbling block with the theory of a returning planet is that it’s quite difficult to hide a celestial body of that size. With all the world’s telescopes trained on the skies, including the millions of amateur astronomers, it would next to impossible not to spot a new object in the night sky. With only two years before it supposedly makes a pass near Earth, its existence would more than likely be common knowledge by now, and not just an adjunct supposition of conspiracy theory and Ufology.

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2nd December 2010

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The Annunaki

ACCORDING to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, extraterrestrials, the Annunaki, arrived on our planet around 450,000 years ago from their homeworld, Nibiru. Various sources have different opinions on the reason for coming to Earth. Most seem to think it was to mine the planet for gold. This was apparently to help rejuvenate the atmosphere of Nibiru and work as a sort of shield from cosmic radiation. They created humans as a slave race by crossing their DNA with Homo Erectus. Early humans worked the gold mines for thousands of years for the Annunaki. We, the slave race, worshipped them as gods and were ruled by two in particular, opposing factions, called Enlil and Enki. Eventually humanity rebelled against their rulers, and our Nibiruian gods fought a war over our fate. The mythical Great Flood was their attempt at eradicating humans.

So that’s the background in a nutshell. A lot of this comes from ancient Sumerian mythology and much formed the basis of their religion. Some of the components, such as Nibiru and the quest for gold, are directly from 20th century writer Zecharia Sitchen’s interpretation of Sumerian cuneform writing. Apparently Nibiru is a lost planet from our solar system and has an orbit of 3,600 years. The planet is due to pass through the solar system in 2012. A lot has already been written about the alleged “end of days” event on December 21st, 2012. The Mayan calendar’s 13th Baktun ends on this date and predicts the end of a 5,125 year-long cycle when our planet and inhabitants may “undergo physical or spiritual transformation”. Many other unrelated civilisations have 2012 as an “end point” to their calendar systems. 

  • Hopi Predict a 25yr period of purification followed by End of Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth.*
  • Mayans Call it the ‘end days’ or the end of time as we know it.*
  • Maoris Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds.*
  • Zulu Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.*
  • Hindus Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.*
  • Incas Call it the ‘Age of Meeting Ourselves Again’.*
  • Aztec Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.*
  • Dogon Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star.*
  • Pueblo Acknowledge it’ll be the emergence into the Fifth World.*
  • Cherokee Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.*
  • Tibetan Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting Coming of the Golden Age.*
  • Egypt According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD.*

The odds are probably against so many civilisations picking the same date but we as a race tend to like patterns and predictability, and we may see links and cycles because we want to.

One of the more coincidential things I have noticed with the apparent return of the Annunaki and the lead-up to 2012 is the renewed quest for gold. Most of the world’s economic systems have broken down in the last two years, and this has tied in with the sudden hunger for gold on world markets. Many towns and cities have seen a huge number of “Cash for Gold” shops opening recently. Are we scrambling to hoard huge quantities of gold before the return of our alien gods, just like the Maya, who had huge hoards of gold but told the conquering Spanish that it wasn’t theirs but belonged to their gods. So, is it a race to collect gold for the Annunaki, or coincidence combined with the fall of our economies? But what is also unusual is the the timely dishonour of many religious institutions, particularly Catholicism, which could be seen to be linked with 2012 - the fall of false gods and the return of the original ones. It makes sense seeing the this particular brand of Christianity is amongst the wealthiest and most powerful institutions on Earth.

So that’s the gold aspect but what about the return of Nibiru, the planet? Well according to many researchers on Planet X, its reappearance in our solar system will cause great upheaval to our own planet. Supposedly it has caused massive damage during its previous pass-throughs such as pole-shift, extinction events, ice ages, major flooding and tsunamis, volcanic activity, earthquakes, and coinciding with the creation of South Pole ice cap. Global weather seems to have worsened in the last 20 years or so, with greater number of huge storms, tsunamis and earthquakes causing catastrophic damage worldwide. Are our weather patterns becoming more severe as Nibiru draws closer? Just look at the number of massive earthquakes since the turn of the millennium, or the huge tsunami in 2006. Many geologists hypothesize that the west coast of the US is overdue for a massive earthquake and that the Yellowstone Supervolcano, which erupts every 600,000 years, hasn’t erupted in the last 640,000 years. Should we expect more in the next two years? Or is just the natural rhythms of Earth’s geological processes magnified by the ease of access to global events by our media?

Will we the return of our “true gods” in 2012?

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2nd December 2010

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Where did it all begin?

HAS an intelligent alien race visited our planet? Were they the creators of our species and an influence on our development? Well so far we have direct scientific or archaeological evidence to support these theories. What we do have are myths and legends from all over the globe which have many, many themes in common. Pyramid shaped buildings, creation myths, the worship of gods who came from the stars, technology and knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and advanced construction - all of these have been found in civilisations as far apart as Egypt and Central America. These places and peoples were separated by thousands of miles from each other, and yet seemed to develop along very similar paths.

This blog will be an investigation into the theories and concepts surrounding “Ancient Astronauts” and similar themes.

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